About the Author

Djendji Samardzija – Alternative Therapist:

The core of my interest is the quest for a deeper meaning and essence, for genuine values of life. To receive blessing and feel the divine nature in everything that life brings to me. To motivate those with whom I share a moment of eternity, so that their lives and dreams be better and more meaningful; so that they take a deeper look into themselves and, having changed their lives for the better, go about changing the outside world.

Always looking for what is the best in a person, I have also searched for ways and means to bring forth what is the best and most beautiful out of me. I have sought freedom from patterns that others had created for their own good. The ways to feel and make others realize that we are all very special, unique and worthy exactly the way we Are. I have attempted to inspire others to invest their time and energy in increasing their awareness, their own evolution and progress, as I know that the human being is not created for worldly tasks only, but that he/she was created with the Purpose.

The paths that have led me towards what I was in search of have taken me through borderline areas of science.

Initially, it was through Radiesthesia (dowsing). I felt in myself the ability to detect “harmful radiation”, a subjective body response to vibratory fields with which I interact.

I have developed a specific feeling for and the ability to interpret the relationship between man and space and I have worked out the particular methods of evaluating how they adjust to and affect each other.

Some ten years later, when Feng Shui came to this part of the world, I realized that it was with the very elements thereof that I was able to achieve harmony between man – as a microcosm and its environment – the macrocosm.

I have found that a person’s harmonization with the space he/she lives in, or the healing of the space, has no lasting effects unless the person is able to achieve inner peace and harmony within himself/herself. Having striven for that myself and having gone through many traditional and alternative paths and methods, I have chosen to study alternative psychotherapies – from Excalibur to PEAT, to Order of Love to Reincarnation Regression Therapy.

And then the Life gave me the Divine Massage – Yumeiho as a gift. Over the course of years of practice, I have accomplished the totality of this holistic massage therapy, practicing the ancient name “Healing of the wholeness” - the wholeness of the human being, from the physical to energy bodies. It is the application of the very name of the therapy Yu Mei Ho, i.e. activation of the source of life.

Through many years of dedicated practice of Taijiquan and Qi Gong I have seen that these practices unite all of the above-mentioned methods. They have a beneficial effect on the physical body, they relieve emotional and mental tensions and are the shortest way to spirituality, not least without any dogmas.

Taijiquan is thus my greatest love, the path and the way for me to grow, to progress and to exist.

I have finally come across a pearl that I can give as a gift to everyone who is ready to search for it. It is for that reason that I dedicate most of myself to teaching this noble art in the club/school “Hua Kang”.

Another pearl and a new love of mine is the Art of Fractal Energy. It is the art of going deep into the matter-energy fabric of the world. The harmony and the crown of skills, knowledge and experiences that I have been gaining in the past thirty or so years. The art of weaving subtle energies into a shape and colour – an artistic image through which my entire being is expressed.

I believe that I have rounded off, at least to some degree, a system through which I manage to give more than expected out of myself and to produce out of myself and give what is most valuable.

I first met with fractal energies in 2007 at a seminar on Informotherapy by Dr Temnikov. In those days, his Institute in Russia had already been using fractal images for healing. I was surprised at the effects those images had so I started to study them, to investigate and analyze them by means of Radiesthesia. The results were amazing. The effects of one printed A4-size image can be felt in the field of up to 2-2.5 meters. I measured the activity of some other fractal images but the results were nowhere near these. Ever since, I have been studying the effects of fractal energies on space and on peoples’ psycho-emotional, mental and spiritual states.

In 2009 I started to work with Elix Pharm on production and investigation of energy fractals, but very soon I went my own way. (Given that I wrote articles about fractals for Elix, please forgive the repetition of events and similarities in descriptions that are found in articles on our web sites). After the first energy fractal image had been made, there was no going back.

Out of pure curiosity, I added to the fractal program a formula containing data about my office space. I did this with no intention, desire or motive other than to get “the image” of the space. Let me just mention that there has been a litigation going on for more than 10 years regarding this space and that the whole thing has been accompanied by some very negative energy.

What I got was a hideous fractal image with the shape of the “Greek (or Turkish) eye” – a talisman against curse (which I keep in this space), with an ugly “caterpillar” twisted around it.

I added my personal data to this information about the space, again without any intention or motive, just to obtain an energy image of me and the space. I got the second fractal.

In this energy union, the ugliness turned into incredible harmony. The upper part of the image is a blue meditative depth and peace with a flash of a union, while the lower part is fireworks of joy and power. Yin and Yang merging from a soft colour of love into a flash and radiance.

Indeed, that is the picture of my emotions, of the situation and the state I am in!

Such an outcome of a fractal shape cannot be planned or arranged... It is simply the result of successfully translating the reigning energies into a mathematical formula.

I have realized that each situation, space, person, emotion, state – or to put it simply, each moment of life – has its own fractal structure that only needs to be “caught” and, if we wish to do so, it can be recorded and made permanent. It will remain at our side and keep sending out to us the vibrations of the energy which that moment, intention or state inherently carries.