Energy Cards for Encoding Water

  • Transformation Card is your energy support and foundation for overcoming of fears, panic, exhaustion, impotence, loss of life energy. Transformation Card raises the level of life energy, frees from fears and panic, strengthens the will, and transforms blocked and stale energy into equilibrium and stability.
  • Concentration Card is your energy support and foundation for overcoming of problems related to concentration, memory, learning ability, and linking the existing knowledge with new information. It increases the power of concentration and memory and develops inner understanding of things and insight.
  • Mental Power, Dynamism Card is your energy support and foundation for overcoming problems such as anger, impotent fury, frustration, stagnation, dissatisfaction, blocked creative capacity. Energy-related disturbance manifests on the physical level as the disturbance in the functioning of bile and liver, as problems with eyes, muscles, ligaments. Dynamism Card develops inner strength, will, self-confidence, releases blocked creative abilities, promotes dynamism, action, and prevents waste of energy.
  • Peace Card is your energy support and foundation for overcoming of problems of neurosis, stress, uncontrollable reactions, shock, arrogance, hatred, selfishness. Energy imbalance manifests on the physical level as hypertension, heart disease, disorders in the functioning of small intestine and large intestine, sex glands and lungs. Peace Card removes anxiousness, stress, constant feeling of dissatisfaction. It strengthens the will power, clears the mind, opens your soul, and brings peace.
  • Joy, Luxury Card is your energy support and foundation for overcoming of problems of melancholy, depression, sadness, being introvert. Energy-related disturbances on the physical level manifest as problems of a weakened immune system, recurrent flu and frequent suffering from a cold, problems with lungs, skin, nose, large intestine. Joy Card enhances life force, inner strength, will and feeling of happiness and improves enjoyment of the splendours of life.
  • Vitality Card is your energy support and foundation for overcoming of problems related to lack of life force and vitality, insecurity, worries, fixations, having a suspicious mind, stagnation and physical, mental and emotional imbalances. Energy-related disorder at physical level manifests as a disorder of the digestive system and of the functioning of spleen, kidneys and bladder. Vitality Card raises the level of life energy, bolsters vitality, physical strength and the joy of living.
  • Growth, Progress Card is your energy support and foundation for overcoming of problems of stagnation in mental and emotional areas, of depression, bad mood and a lack of life energy. Growth, Progress Card frees from negative emotions and thoughts and boosts vitality, feelings of happiness, joy and security.

They are made along the lines of energy fractals, though the approach I take in creation of the cards follows the principles of the Traditional Chinese Medicine. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, health and vitality depend on harmony of five elements. The Energy Cards are created in such a way that on each card, there is one element which dominates and which balances energy disturbances of states with the symptoms described on the card.

The cards work based on principles of vibrational healing by continuously emitting the information imprinted on and embedded in them. Energy Cards for Encoding of Water are generators of specific vibrations which become your personal energy support in overcoming certain problems. The greatest support and encouragement in putting into action the idea of creating energy-designed cards is a research by Dr Masaru Emoto, published in his book “The Message from Water”. Emoto documents with beautiful photographs that water has a memory and an incredible transformation capacity. A drop of water that has been exposed to beneficial influence (i.e. life-supporting frequencies, in harmony with nature) when freezing, forms a crystal structure of regular, beautiful shape. A drop of water from the same source, after having been exposed to harmful vibrations, is not capable of forming a regular structure; instead, its crystal structure is deformed. It makes no difference whether the harmful vibration comes from a sound, negative speech or noise, or from a picture, a form or a written word – these are all energies resulting from negative thoughts and emotions. Water memorizes whatever it has been exposed to. The human body is made up of 75% of water which, following the same principles, passes the information it is exposed to on to every cell in our system.

Each card has its particular frequency and effect and it helps in overcoming certain psycho-emotional problems. Besides, the cards improve biological properties of water which, in turn, facilitates exchange of matter in cells, boosts metabolism, digestion and circulation and speeds up the healing process in a natural and gentle way. It enhances energetic effects of vitamins, enzymes, minerals, hormones, and herbal infusions and intensifies the effects of a diet. The water becomes more drinkable; it is fresher and tastes better. Energized water keeps its properties for two to three days, even when it is boiled or frozen.

Energy cards should also be used by healthy people (for vitality, physical strength, optimism...), to prevent any potential disturbances and problems and to eliminate (by erasing from the memory of cell water) the effects of negative day-to-day influences from the environment.

For now, I have created 7 cards for problems that are mainly caused by the modern way of life. The same way those problems are acquired - that is, through daily repetition of the same negative situations and habits – is the way they are cured: by persistently and consciously being exposed on a daily basis to the same positive influences.

How to Use:

Do not let the drinking of coded water become a routine thing! That should be a conscious contact with the Card. Any time you put the glass of water down on the Card, you have to be aware of what the aim of your action is - to achieve a goal that you have set. As you are drinking the water, feel its taste, feel that you are taking into your body joy, peace, security... Have patience! The cards work on a subtle level - the level of energy - and the body will need about 3 months to fully harmonize with them.

Pour water or any other still beverage into a glass made of glass (i.e. silica or silicon dioxide – an excellent conductor of information) and wait for the information to be transferred and the process of vivification of water to be completed, making the water a source of energy and good health. Let the water stand on the Card for about a minute, then drink it up (thicker liquids, such as juices and yogurt take 2 to 3 minutes to be encoded). The Card’s vibrations are taken over by the water that we take into our body. Our bodily water equalizes with the entered vibrational level, that is, it retains the introduced code. The cell water rectifies its crystalline structure that had been deformed as a result of exposure to stress, fear, fatigue... In this way, we have transmitted the desired information down to the tiniest cell in our system, thus initiating the healing process.

Most people are able to tell that the taste of coded water is different from tap or bottled water, as well as that each fractal produces a different taste.

The Coded Water should be drunk at such intervals that one’s system is constantly under the influence of desired vibrations (that is, a little water every 3 to 4 hours). The Card’s vibrations can also be transmitted by carrying the card on oneself, by putting it under the pillow...

You cannot have an overdose of Coded Water nor is there any contraindication regarding its usage.

The Cards can be combined as required, placing the water on top of each desired Card for a minute (for example, for passing an exam successfully, for a public appearance... leave the water standing for a minute on the Transformation Card, then for another minute on the Concentration Card).

The Coded Water can be used for washing your face and body, for taking care of plants, animals... You only need to pour a bottleful of Coded Water into a required amount of water and the information will spread throughout the rest, to be used for bathing (the kids), for skin and hair care, for cooking...

With Energy Cards, you have at your disposal an inexhaustible supply of energy in a simple and inexpensive way, for a better and healthier life!

The Power of Thoughts

Thoughts play a crucial role in determining our destiny. If you expect success without any trace of doubt, success will happen. Why is that?

Thoughts create visual ideas because the subconscious speaks not in words but in images. Eye has a visual kind of memory (the eye of a victim even retains the memory of the last thing seen) and in it, objects that are seen are projected and sent as an image – information – to the brain along the optic nerves. The brain reacts and issues instructions in accordance with the information. If your eye keeps the imprint of an image which for you has the meaning of success, peace, victory... that information is constantly fed into your brain, which then sends out instructions accordingly. If you have a vision so strong that it can resist any doubts and opposed ideas – you are the winner!