Cards of Destiny

A quick tip of the day over the morning coffee. With one click you can get advice for the day that is ahead. Settle down for a minute of two, run over the events awaiting you that day and think about wanting to get advice for the day lying ahead. Read carefully the card that opens and try to relate it to the events awaiting you. It would be good to write down the tip, read it again that evening (you might see it with fresh eyes), and evaluate how much the advice was justified and how much you followed it.

It is not possible to obtain the right answer to more serious questions or get a prediction with just one click, since only one card opens. Three separate draws for one and the same question will not result in the right answer because those are already three questions that have gone through three different states of yours and through three different moments.

  • Success: Activities result in success. There is a great chance that the achievement will be made effortlessly. You achieve expansion by being positively aggressive, courageous, decisive and persistent. The Card represents unification – uniqueness, purity, gold, sky, vitality. This is the basis for the “golden age”. This Card represents northwest, Yang, the element is metal (it destroys wood, generates water, exhausts the earth, is the enemy of fire). Advice: This is when you have to rely on yourself only. What is decisive is your willpower. You enjoy divine support and with a positive attitude, wisdom, creativity and originality – success is yours!
  • Satisfaction, Duality: This is the Card of beauty and youth, fun, happiness, joy and sensuality. At the same time, it warns against having your head in the clouds and reminds that the happiness that the situation brings, is hiding in itself incompleteness and insufficiency, possibly gossips and arguments as well. It indicates useless beauty that leads to decay and destruction. In this Card, angel and witch, servant and magician are interwoven, in other words – everything you “create” – give birth to. This Card represents west, Yin, the element is metal (it destroys wood, generates water, exhausts the earth, is the enemy of fire). Advice: At this moment, you have to adapt – perhaps resist in a passive manner. Stay away from sensory pleasures and also from gossiping. You might gain an important position. Personal imperfection and lack of independence might take your liberty away – make you dependent.
  • Fire: It brings a chance of great achievement, elegant solutions, brilliance and lots of excitements. At the same time, it points to the fact that you are the one who has to be in control of the situation, to hold the steering wheel firmly in your hands and to make sure that the glitter and glow do not get the better of your reasoning and logical thinking as that might turn into a struggle or even misfortune. The Card is the symbol of the sun and fire, it represents the light, beauty, spiritualization of the matter and the fire of purification. It indicates the energy of intuition and wisdom and calls for austerity and economizing. The Card represents south, Yang, the element is fire (it destroys metal, generates earth, exhausts wood, is the enemy of water). Advice: Keep in mind that this situation can bring you a sudden success but also a sudden fall. The relationship can vary from joy and happiness to a difficult and changeable relationship, but it also carries commitment, even dependency, and with some wisdom it can come to be your security.
  • Expansion: Massive energy is pent-up in a situation that can result in an unstoppable expansion. You have no control over it but your will, impulsiveness and action can spontaneously guide this active energy into growth and blossoming. As this is the start of the movement of energy, this is also the time of unexpected events, new things, and it could even be the beginning of the release of the spiritual that had been captured in the matter. This Card belongs to east, Yin, the element is wood (it generates fire, destroys earth, exhausts water and is the enemy of metal). Advice: This is the time of provocations (positive and negative) and of various influences that you have to respond to in a selective manner so as not to increase the energy of destruction and to avoid stirring anger, anxiousness or fear inside you. Beware of your instincts and take the path of the spiritual impulse.
  • Subtlety: This Card describes a situation which carries purity of thoughts and actions, ethical values and actions done with a clear conscience. With the respect for these, contacts with measured formality and flexibility, as well as movement and communication with delicate assertiveness will bring wealth and totality on the material and mental planes. However, the Card also shows that this is all still too far from the soul, that it is ephemeral and fleeting, much like the wind. This is a centripetal force that carries a yielding nature, indecisiveness, weakness and it can also bring loneliness. This Card belongs to south-east, Yang, the element is wood (generates fire, destroys earth, exhausts water, is the enemy of metal). Advice: This is the situation of polarity – the point where the cosmic and the terrestrial, the Yin and Yang meet. There is an equal amount of determination and indecision, of yes and no, of black and white. What way the energy will start flowing depends on the purity of the heart and the subtlety of approach. You have come to the point of change. It is time for you to dedicate yourself seriously to spirituality.
  • Danger: The situation represents accumulation of energy, a tendency to move from the small to the big. However, this could collapse down on you. The tendency of accumulation in this case carries some danger, it leads into darkness, abyss, perhaps even to the underworld. Beware of scams, cons, hidden agendas, as they can get you into trouble or even poverty. Be flexible and rely on your work and your brain. This Card belongs to north, Yin, the element is water (it generates wood, destroys fire, exhaust metal and is the enemy of earth). Advice: Something that has to do with your past might plunge you into an abyss. You must not give in to depression, or to persist in danger because of the past. Your fantasies and daydreaming can only bring you sorrow. Face up to the truth and carry your life! Beware of jealous, spendthrift and evil people. Passively observe the people and situation, rely on your instinct, do not disregard your hunches. You have the choice between the right and wrong. Meditation is the cure for this situation.
  • Immobility: This is the moment when everything stops. Barrier and immobility in peace bring the inevitable. This is the end of separation, individuality – the moment of integration. This is the end of the situation that is contained in the question. Also, the end of the job, relationship, life – but not of the road, as this is the door to something new. On the one hand, you are standing at the point of contradiction - at the point of peace, static state, stagnation – a perfect end. On the other hand and at the same time you are at the point of mysticism, secrecy, detachment and independence. You are at the point of the transcendental Self, at the point between your higher and lower Self, between the conscious and unconscious, at the point of transformation of the matter. This Card belongs to north-east, Yang, the element is earth (it generates metal, destroys water, exhausts fire, is the enemy of wood). Advice: Collect your thoughts and experiences, connect with the divine principle, realize that you stand before the truth. Your only protection now comes from calming down the mind and body, from prayer and meditation.
  • Aladdin: If you pick this card you have the right to make one wish. If you happen to get the Aladdin as the first Card, you don’t need to look at your question through three Cards but instead immediately make a wish for a certain outcome and through the next (and only one) Card, Aladdin will give you the guidelines on how to realize this wish. If you got the Aladdin as the second Card, what you have is the karmic background of the situation as it is (you should study it), but Aladdin allows you to change the outcome through a third Card, which will give you instructions on how to do it. If Aladdin comes out as the third Card, there is a chance for you to see the fulfliment of your wish by persistently focusing on it.
  • Fertility: This energy indicates fertility, generosity and devotion. However, only modesty, moderation and patience, mutual help, empathy and serving others can get you to the achievement of a higher degree of realization. Receptiveness, meekness and a tender, almost passive perseverance as well as the ability to transform are instrumental for achievement, which will follow in a simple and natural way. This Card belongs to south-west, Yin, the element is earth (it generates metal, destroys water, exhausts fire, is the enemy of wood). Advice: At this point, humility, inferiority and faithfulness are the qualities that bring success. This energy carries the principle of opposition so take care that the opposite does not grow into weakness, cowardice and complete materialism. This Card denotes readiness to move on, towards an even higher degree of realization.
  • Magic: Do you remember, when you were a small child, you could create the world you wanted to? What makes you think you lost that power? It lives on in you and it is still there, it’s just that with your way of life and under the influence of “Oh, come on, be realistic” you have covered and buried this capability deep down in yourself. You do know yourself that this world you’re living in at the present is your own creation, too. Your life is the way you yourself have conjured it up to be, and created it from your head consciously or unconsciously through your beliefs, ideas and most frequent thoughts. Since that is the case, it is about time you produced magic again, so that it lives in you in a conscious way and so that through imagination and visualization this time round you consciously create the kind of the world you really want. Meditate on the Card Magic and let every detail guide you to the joy of your new world. If you are happy, don’t worry about the realization.
  • Heavenly Help: a perfect card that cannot be changed. It is a symbol of the state before the birth. This Card represents the abilities to achieve and communicate, universal love, help, faithfulness; it represents a teacher, a wise man, a magician. It indicates that at this moment the Heaven is providing assistance and support, in other words that it is spiritually uplifting the matter. This Card is the symbol for the non-change. Whatever we add to this energy, it remains unchanged.
  • Eye: You are being watched. You should be aware that there is somebody out there watching you all the time. However, in terms of karma this is a very sensitive period because you are at a karmic crossroads. The Guardians of Karma watch over you but you have the free will to choose. That is why you should take special care of your every thought and wish – of your every step, because you can slip easily either side. You are being guarded and protected for as long as you are on the right road.
  • Warning: This Card is warning you against bad energies that are around you. It shows that some other energies – some foreign energies - are interfering and affecting you or the subject matter of the question that is asked. It could be a person influencing you (negatively) by imposing their opinion or beliefs that go against yours, or someone who purposefully and consciously wants to do you harm, to make you dependent, incapable… for their own (material, emotional, mental) gain. This Card could also mean that there is an energy vampire around you. If you pick this Card as the first in a row, it denotes that you got into the situation that you are asking about due to some disturbing energy influences. The next two Cards will provide you with a description of the situation and perhaps even with advice on how to overcome the undesirable effects. If you get this Card as the second draw, this means that you are currently under unfavourable influence and because of that you don’t seem to be able to find a way out or a solution. If you pick this Card as the third, the first two Cards are leading you to undesirable relationships, energies and outcomes. The second Card should also contain advice on how to avoid a possible negative outcome. If advice is not coming up in a repeated opening of the Cards, ask this as a question.
  • Goal: Take this Card away from the pack before opening the Cards. This Card is there for the realization of your goals. Meditate on a goal set: think of – visualize the accomplishment of a goal that you had set and place that picture mentally on the very top of the fractal image, right at the center where all energies come together. As you are watching the picture in a relaxed way, look for different possibilities for achieving your goal. Any detail in the fractal could become a new possibility to realize the goal. Let the details of the image take you from one step to another, from one idea to another. Keep on studying every possibility until the right one takes shape. Whenever you look at that picture, know that it is the realization of your goal.

Cards of Destiny came into being “by chance” (if there is such a thing as chance). One of my fractals showed features much like the trigram Li –Fire. This gave me an idea to create fractal images that will feature (to the extent possible while at the same time remaining art) the dual principles of merging the opposites of Yin and Yang, as well as the five states of change – i.e. the principles of five elements. Those principles underlie the harmony of the natural order in the Universe. As each fractal was coming into being, I realized that their energies were in harmony with the laws of the order of the nature and that they depicted archetypal and universal energy states that are inherent in life. Some of those cards gave birth to the Cards of Destiny and others to the Cards for Encoding of Water.

Working with the Cards of Destiny can change your life radically if you succeed in harmonizing with them, if you can make your thoughts, emotions and actions heed advice provided by the Cards of Destiny. From these Cards, you can get advice on what course of action to take in the future, the answer to the question “how to act next?”, “what is the possible outcome of this situation?”, “how do I go about achieving such and such thing?”… The Cards will point to you what is unclear, unknown – hidden from us.

Having said this, as the author of these Cards, I would not wish them to be seen as tools for fortune telling or divination. The energies contained in the fractal cards are wiser than we are. Through their colours, shapes, symbols and fractal structure they portray the states of energy that we are currently in or that we might find ourselves in. They are mirrors of our energy state. Fractal images show us how we are. They show to us that part of ourselves which is hidden from our awareness. The cards teach us how to control, intensify or diminish the energies that are currently reigning over us, how to increase our positive capacities, qualities and states. Achieving this always calls for a change – change in our attitude, action or in some of our aspects. The change in ourselves changes the energy image of this moment and results in a new energy image, leading, in turn, to changes in the outer circumstances. By overcoming the negative aspects as indicated by the Cards, we are becoming capable of reducing or avoiding whatever is blocking us on our way forward, in achieving our goals or in our spiritual progress. In that way, the Cards are teaching us that we alone are responsible for our destiny. Therefore, they are not only a tool for making predictions but they can become our spiritual guide.

The benefit always comes with a change. Change is the driving force of life. It is not random and it unfolds according to universal laws and principles of change. When the energies in and around us change, these changes are made manifest in and heralded by signs and omens. What the Cards do is to point to the direction of the changes in relation to the current energy state. The art of “divination” is the art of reading – recognizing those signs and interpreting them in the light of the tenets of the Law of Change.

The Cards are, however, not only snapshots of our energies. They also indicate the interdependence and interconnection between objective situations and events and the mental state of the observer. One and the same card manifests differently in different situations and to different individuals, depending on what (kind) of relationship has been established between the observer (and that is not just someone asking a question) and the Card. Also, please note that the Cards, as a tool for obtaining advice, reveal to us the coincidence of events in space and time – synchronicity.

Since the future is not fixed, the person asking should not expect information about what will happen, but rather clarification on what kind of energies he/she is in at that point and what course the present situation will take. The Cards are signposts, and the Questioner can choose whether he/she wants to stay on the current course or to make some changes. The Cards do not read the past or the future. They read us, and the knowledge of the past and future is in us, because the results of our past and the seed of our future are in our present moment. The Cards explain to us the present. They explain why the things are the way they are. The present is the consequence of our past thoughts, desires and actions. It is the past events that have brought us to the current state of affairs. The present is the foundation for the future, and the Cards will tell us what possibilities are open in view of the energy flows between the past and present situations.

How to Formulate and Ask Questions

The best way of formulating the question is to be able to get a Yes or a No answer. The Cards cannot give you a (concrete) answer to the question whether this OR that is better. (As a matter of fact they can, but that requires a deeper analysis and knowledge of relations among the cards).

You can also ask for specific advice: How do I act in the right way in such and such situation? What will be the outcome if I act in such and such way? What should I do in order to achieve such and such thing? Do I have grounds for such and such thing? I wish to have a better understanding of what is going on…

Turn to the Cards when you are not able to grasp the circumstances that have been blocking your actions, when you can’t seem to find a way out. The Cards can tell you what you should focus your attention on, they can make it clear to you what actions or emotions you are now facing the consequences for.

Besides advice, the Cards also indicate the energies that lie behind the conflict (relationship between the first and second card), or behind the unhappiness, misfortune… but at the same time they also show the way and means how to overcome a problem and how to avoid any further undesirable course of events.

Using the Cards of Destiny you can interpret just what their name says: this life’s karma or destiny. When doing this, the Card you pick first is the image of the previous life which has most affected the present life. It describes the circumstances, tasks and lessons from the previous life which has (certain) bearing on the present-day situation and, to some degree, on the future. The second Card you pick describes the current situation, tasks and lessons you were given (i.e. you chose) to deal with in this life. The third card tells about what the outcome will be (if you do not make a fundamental change in your life), what destiny awaits you. Putting together three Cards into one karmic thread produces an image of the karmic duties and debts in this life, and at the same time a solution to how to fulfill these and how to walk the path of our Dharma.

You can also interpret the Annual karma or destiny. The Cards then depict the energies surrounding you during the next year. The first Card tells about the past that has brought you to these energies that you have woven and that you have got to in this year. The second Card depicts your psycho-mental states, your moods, emotions and physical states, but at the same time it gives you advice and guidance for reaching a positive outcome. The third Card is the Card of the likely outcome – it tells you about the energies, moods and circumstances that you will be in this year unless you make a major change in your life, a complete turnaround.

NEVER ask for advice on how to change the situation or outer circumstances. You can change ONLY YOURSELF. As your actions and thoughts change, so will change the situation around you! Be patient. Change is an ongoing process but you keep track of it and control it by new spreading of cards, which will produce the picture of the new situation and give you advice, an idea…

The Cards should be used as often as possible, especially at the beginning, until you start trusting your own intuition. Start with advice for that day. The Cards that you will draw will describe the energies, states and actions from the previous day (or period of day), they will show you the energies of the day ahead, they will give your advice about actions and predict energetic tendencies for the next day. It would be a good thing to write down all these things, to monitor your states, reactions and action and, in the evening, to compare the advice and prediction with what was actually the case. In that way, you learn how to analyze the cards, how to control the situation, you become aware of yourself, of your emotions and actions.

It is useful to meditate on the Card that symbolizes the answer to the question that was asked. We know that the brain can be programmed easily and that symbols actually program the brain, much like digits program the computer. Therefore, let your mind soak up the symbols, colours and shapes of the Card that brings you benefit. By visualizing it frequently, you expose yourself to its positive effects.

The Cards help us learn to listen to our body, to feel our energies and needs and to kick-start our inner healing powers. They strengthen the body-mind connection. The cards are actually our adviser, a tool for improving the communication between our consciousness and subconscious. They direct us towards new actions, resources, solutions and wisdoms. The Cards guide us towards being in touch with the wiser part of ourselves, with our Higher Self, with the Inner Being. In this way, they are our path to self-realization.

The Cards will not make you free from life’s problems and doubts but they can provide assistance in finding solutions.

Drawing and Interpreting Cards

You should prepare yourself physically, mentally and emotionally for the ritual of drawing and interpreting the Cards. First, cleanse yourself from possible negative influences by washing your hands (let the water run down your wrist, palm and the back of your hand for one minute). Sit down and calm down your body, empty your mind of thoughts, breathe in a relaxed manner for a minute or two and at the same time feel your body and the inner being. In that state, focus on the question and be aware that you are not getting your answer from the paper that the fractal image is printed on but from the Universe with which the Card, having its own particular fractal structure, is in harmony. Keep that in mind and try to align yourself with that Source, Universe, God. While you are aligned and focused on the question, shuffle the cards and cut the pack.

For each question, three cards are drawn. You can spread them in front of yourself horizontally or vertically from the bottom up. The first Card you pick represents the period that has led to the current situation of the person in question. You place it bottommost or to your left side. That is the past. It is the cause and the foundation of the present situation. The second Card, the one that lay under the first one, is the Card of your current karma, i.e. destiny, the current situation. You put this Card above the first one (or immediately in front of you). It describes the situation that exists and points to the choice of action that will determine the future course of events. The third card represents the consequence of some influence, action, a probability, a future development that has been initiated by the previous cards. Place that Card to your right, as the last one in the row, or above the card number two.

The first Card has in itself the elements of the past and the present (that is, of both the first and second Cards). The interpretation of the third Card, standing for Outcome and Future, also depends on the first two ones. The future is stirred by the energy and interaction of all Cards together. The future outcome depends on interaction of five elements. Each card has in itself the characteristics of one element. The influence on the third Card (outcome) depends on whether the Cards are under auspicious or inauspicious influence of five elements. The text dealing with interpretation of the Cards describes the mutual influence of the Cards in relation to the five elements, their favourable or unfavuorable actions and through that, the outcome of the situation. In case the Card of the present karma has an unfavourable influence on the Card of outcome (a destructive relationship of the five elements) it is logical that the outcome will be unfavourable. If the third Card, too, is in an unfavourable relationship with the second, the prediction is totally unfavourable. However, if the third Card has an auspicious influence on the Card of the present situation (Aladdin, Heavenly Support…), it can change the original situation because it affects the choice of action. In that case, take good care to go by advice provided by the Card number three because through that you are changing the course of events – the destiny!

When the element of the second Card (present situation) generates the element of the third Card, this will lead to success and fortune. Having said that, the final outcome still depends on the symbolic meaning of the third Card. Therefore, study it thoroughly and link it with the question and listen to its advice. If it relates to the previous Card in an unfavourable way something will occur and the result will be unfavourable.

Choose from the description of the Cards only two or three characteristics that suit you best, that describe or term the things and situations in connection with the prediction. Do this for all three Cards and note this down. If the same words, situations (energies) keep coming up several times, that is the answer. If that is not the case, the answer is to be looked for in the second Card’s influence on the third Card – and that can only be either favourable or unfavourable. The first Card is fundamental for the answer. It is a precondition that you have (or haven’t) established for the third Card – the answer. The second Card is (partly) the consequence of the first one, but at the same time the condition for the final answer – for the third Card. If the elements of the Cards stand in a negative relationship it is little likely that the outcome can be positive. If their relationship is of a positive nature, that means a positive outcome even though this may not be immediately obvious. Look for positive aspects between the cards. If karmic help is interposed among the Cards (which is represented by the Cards Heavenly Help, Aladdin, Eye and Magic), you have the possibility to change the situation in a positive direction, however the outcome depends on you only.

To be really able to interpret the Cards you should totally disconnect from thinking about the person in question or about the question posed. Just read what is written with images, symbols, colours, relationships of the elements and with words. Before everything, read my comment and the interpretation of the Cards. Based on the five elements, make an analysis of their mutual influence. Pay particular attention to the Card of the possible outcome or advice and to the influence exerted on it by the Card of the current situation (and vice versa). See whether the Cards are Yin or Yang (passive or active), and also try yourself to get to the bottom of what the Card is about and what its symbolic meaning is. Initially, you should be looking for symbols (the Sun, light, darkness, pyramid, abyss etc.) because they are powerful driving force behind and influence on our psyche. It is therefore possible that the Cards will have a different meaning to you. Observe the picture detail by detail. Colours: what does each symbolize, which one is your colour, what is happening with it, which one is dominant… Shapes: what is the meaning of each of the shapes, its fractal structure (the minute recurring details, sinking into the depth of the picture, or is it rather a straightforward, clear structure), which detail attracts your attention most and what do you see in that detail? The answer to the question that is asked is always to be found in what comes to you – although you should be checking your interpretation with my descriptions and comments for the Card until you gain confidence.


  1. The person is not satisfied with his/her income and is asking a question about whether he/she is capable at all of earning a decent living?

    Interpretation: The person got the Cards Heavenly Help, Fertility and Expansion as an answer.

    The Card Heavenly Help came out first. From the Card’s text, the person extracted some words that describe the situation the best: perfection, states before the birth, heavenly help, wise man. That means that the person has all the possibilities and qualities that make him/her able to make a good living. Those qualities had been given to him/her in a karmic way (before the birth) and through his/her past.

    The second Card was Fertility. The words singled out are: fertility, modesty, persistence, transformation. The Card belongs to the element earth. What it says is that the current situation brings fertility, affluence, but at the same time it alerts to cooperation, empathy and modesty. It tells that the perseverance and capability are the means of reaching a goal and that the situation is ripe for moving on, towards a higher goal that had been set.

    The Third Card is Expansion. The words are: unstoppable expansion, will, action, unexpected events. The Card belongs to the element wood. The elements of the two Cards are in a destructive relation and both Cards are Yin – passivity. Because of this, there is likely to be great difficulty in achieving the goal even though the person actually may be capable of it. Persistence is mentioned and the second Card carries fertility, while the third Card Expansion contains positive energy in relation to the question. The answer is: Yes, the person is capable of earning a decent living provided that he/she makes a change in the way he/she earns the money – e.g. change the field of work, the position… (the second Card means appearance of some new things or unexpected events, but at the same time it means that the time has come to move on). The final outcome certainly requires some patience and determination, but the Fertility Card brings an accumulation of energy which (if advice is heeded) leads steadily to expansion, i.e. to the achievement of the goal.

  2. The next question the person asked was what field of activity, personality trait, a physical situation… he/she needs to change and in what direction, in order to start earning sufficiently for a decent and good living. The Cards the person got were: Expansion, Magic and Immobility.

    The first Card is Expansion, and the words that came out were: time of unexpected events, new things and the beginning of the liberation of the spiritual – captured in the matter. The person has put a lot of energy into his/her spiritual development. On that path, he/she was guided by the ideal of self-sacrifice for the benefit of others. The person has given up egocentricity and “taking for oneself”, i.e. earning, by withdrawing from his/her basic life instincts, from survival. This Card is Yin and it belongs to the element of wood.

    The Second Card is Magic. The words that came out were “perfection which is not capable of changing”. It represents a teacher, a wise man, a magician. The person has created an image of perfection about himself/herself which he/she does not feel like changing (that is, in order to remain perfect he/she cannot change it). In that image, this person is a teacher, a wise person who possesses some higher knowledge and powers. It would not be right to charge for this knowledge and powers because they are God-given and the person is perfect and virtuous.

    Sure enough, this results in the third Card, the Card of Immobility. The words that were extracted were immobility, door to the new, this is the point of contradiction and collect your knowledge and experience. The Card that was described previously leads (logically) to the Card Immobility. The person has created an image and a world in which he/she is not earning any money because to him/her everything is God-given. This person is perfect but dissatisfied because he/she cannot survive – in other words God is not giving any more, and he/she should earn a living. Given that the person does not want to change his/her own picture of himself/herself, that person is incapable of (i.e. is preventing himself/herself from) earning a living. The Card is Yang and it belongs to the element of earth.

    The solution and answer lie in the second Card: Change the magic, the image and the picture of oneself (i.e. of the person as being someone modest, withdrawn and perfect). Create some new magic, a new – desired world in which the person is capable and not God-given.