The Art of Fractal Energy

What are Fractals

Fractals, i.e. fractal dimensions are geometric figures that contain within their structure an infinity of repeating self-similar shapes; at the same time, the whole is reflected in each and every bit of the fractal image. By magnifying any part of it we get the totality, similar in shape and structure to the initial and baseline whole. And that is what makes it possible for us to pick - out of a multitude of fractals that are obtained from one formula - a product that is not only accurate in terms of energy but which is also artistically shaped.

In nature, fractal patterns can be found in snow flakes, clouds, mountain ranges, in the human DNA, in the composition of our blood and lymph systems, in the structure of a leaf... Nature builds itself upon fractal forms.

Energy Fractals

Creation of fractal energy is a process of weaving threads between energy and matter. The purpose of creating energy fractals is to materialize the energies of our aspirations, wants and needs of the physical, emotional and spiritual levels – energies which make up our Essential Being.

It can become a material basis for the building of our desires, needs as well as for the growth and development of our inner being. Fractal energy penetrates much deeper into the being than we could possibly imagine.

Energy fractals are artistically shaped energy – vibration imprinted on matter. They are unique artistic paintings that will bring into your space the energy spectrum of the universal field with the same vibration as its own, that is, with which it resonates in harmony. This harmony and resonance are passed on to the surrounding space and bio-system.

Every fractal in itself has some energy effect just like any colour or a picture on the wall has. However, energy fractals are conceived in such a way as to increase and enhance specific and given frequencies, depending on the intention and purpose of the energetic fractal image. They are programmed to emit specific vibrations – those which you wish to have in your office, meeting room or bedroom... to be your personal energetic basis and support whether you desire to achieve a physical, material, emotional or spiritual goal.

What is particular about energy fractals is that the basic parameters for the formula for a given fractal are obtained by means of ancient knowledge and techniques, combined with the achievements of modern science and medicine.

Effects of Fractal Energies

The functioning of energy fractals is based on principles of vibrational healing, i.e. of frequency, while its effect is based on resonance. The source of frequency is the colour, light, shape, number, structure, and fractal recurrence, which form the thing that we attune ourselves to and harmonize our vibrations with, based on a principle of harmonic resonance. Human being easily attunes to and harmonizes with that vibration and comes into resonance with the more powerful or constantly present fields. When those fields have a beneficial effect, they are health and life supporting. If, however, their effect is of a negative nature, they deplete the life force and very soon lead to deterioration of health and vitality.

Let me stress that the energy fractal or a mandala must have a sufficiently dense fractal structure to be capable of coping with outer influences and to be able to overpower, in terms of energy, any blockages and causes of disturbances and problems that it is created to act against. A picture cannot cope with any of those if, instead of the fractal structure, it only has a few soft lines. If that were possible, any artistic painting containing colour and form would have curative powers.

The fractals that I make carry high frequencies, enabling an increased flow of energy in energetic currents of space and in human beings.

They are devised in such a way to act:

  • Against stress, fatigue, anxiety,
  • They increase life force and vitality,
  • They speed up the healing process,
  • They can be a source of vibrations needed for your work,
  • They can work towards fulfilment of a desired state or situation such as fulfilment of goals, intentions, joy, peace, prosperity...
  • For acquiring of traits such as assertiveness, courage, for an outgoing personality, ability to concentrate, to relax...
  • They contribute to more harmonious partner relationships (business or emotional),
  • They contribute to improvement of interpersonal relationships and communication,
  • They transform directed negative thoughts and energies from other people,
  • They produce cohesion between and harmonize your physical and spiritual sides,
  • They boost your libido,
  • They help in removal of blocks to energy flows in the body

Effects on Space

  • They harmonize the space,
  • They raise the vibrational level of the space,
  • They remove any blocks to energy flows in the space,
  • They transform harsh and gross energies into tenderness,
  • They cleanse stale and other people’s energies,
  • They release and cleanse blocked or stagnant energies,
  • They create conditions for harmonious partner relationships (business or emotional),
  • They contribute to improved interpersonal relationships and communication.

Creation of Personalized Energy Fractal and Personal Mandala

Each fractal radiates out its inherent and unique energy, just like each person, space or community have their own unique energy. Your personal code – vibrational level – depends on a series of factors that have formed you: from genetics to karma and circumstances of your birth, to the social and educational circumstances, to your ideals and dreams. To find that unique vibration for each individual or space is the main thing and prerequisite for the creation of an effective Personalized Fractal.

When making the Personalized Energy Fractal – an artistic portrait of your being – I attempt to capture that very one-of-a-kind, personal vibrational imprint of the Self of a person (or space) for whom the Fractal is made from the information. In that way, the fractal image becomes a personal energetic support and aid that can transform your life.

Portrait of the Soul – In order to enjoy your life fully, you have brought into this body of yours all the necessary tools. The artistic reflection of your soul connects you with the source and capacities of your extraordinary and unique life. By connecting to your Source, you have at your disposal a direct link with those limitless resources, inner power and creativity.

Your personalized energetic Mandala or image is born into the physical world at the moment when I enter the parameters that constitute your personal code into the program. It is a vibration which is the sum of your time of birth, desires and wants as well as of your assignments in this life. It should be stressed that it is not sufficient to put in only numerological parameters of the time of birth. That may produce a nice energetic image but not a mandala capable of transforming your life. The function of a personalized fractal and mandala is to provide energy basis and support, to direct your life energies towards finding and fulfilling the purpose and the duties of your life. Only after vibrational information on your entire being has been entered, can energy fractals be created that have the power to change your life.

Creation of an energy fractal is a meditative process in which I, as the author, merge with the energy of the person, space, family... that I make the energy fractal for. Right from the start, I slip into a higher level of consciousness in which there are myself, connecting and registering changes, the energy that I focus on and the tools for creation of the fractal. By connecting those three in meditation I get the initial idea – information about how to apply the data I have obtained.

When I come into contact with the energy and the process of the birth of fractal, I fall into some kind of working euphoria. Once I have entered the data, a layer of energy is created around me, a circle which carries me from one phase of the fractal creation to another. It is as if I cannot get out of that contact, as if I were a channel through which something (someone?) is to be born. I seem to be pursued by energy that seems to be squeezed somewhere among myself, the computer and its own need to manifest. As if a locked up soul is being set free – reborn. Night and day I am submerged in that frantic atmosphere, not leaving the colours, shapes and energies for a single moment. My eye simply sees the world in terms of fractals. Even if I work up to ten hours a day, this can go on for days, until the moment I get to see on the screen the energy that corresponds to the client, idea, state or the intention for which I worked out the formula. That is when the frantic atmosphere and tension let up and when I feel that “everything’s fallen into place”. If it is the fractal of a person, I take two or three more days observing it and polishing it up. Personalized energy fractal or mandala has been established and created by the vibrations of your energy. I send two or three versions to the person who commissioned it, to choose one for printing. If it is a fractal for a certain state, or a new card, I meditate two or three days on that image to see if it produces the results that were set down for it.

Energy Mandalas

Mandalas are divine symbols of totality which have been used since ancient civilizations to modern times as an aid in healing, prayer, focusing of awareness and in meditation. The name “mandala” means “circle” and comes from Sanskrit, but these universal symbols can be found all over the world and in every culture such as rose windows in cathedrals and some other forms of sacral art. For thousands of years they have been linked with spiritual traditions of the East where the awareness of the Unity has been understood and cultivated.

Each mandala has a meaning and an aim, woven into the intricate patterns that make up these beautiful works of art.

Energy mandala is created based on a certain name, number, idea – desire and intention... The energy contained in a fractal flows out of the image and carries along very high vibrations. They can be utilized as an aid in healing and meditation and in achieving a purpose of a physical, material, emotional or spiritual kind.

Some mandalas are created in such a way as to purify the energies of the space, to harmonize and radiate positive energy. They act as crystals or as Orgone generators and are very useful in the application of Feng Shui. They are incredible energizers, especially in some specific situations, in corners and places that are difficult to activate. They are mighty medicines for areas where predominance of a certain element is required and where energy needs to be changed.

Just looking at the mandala leaves a positive imprint in the mind, as a result of vibration, well-balanced energy, careful choice of colours, construction and structure of the mandala.

To enter a mandala mentally is as if we entered a space sphere different from the outer world. It means reaching the totality in oneself, touching the ultimate purity of one’s own mind, perfection, harmony and peace.

The Basics of the Healing Power of Fractal Energies

You may have wondered by now how come no other artistic painting has such an influence on us? It may affect our mood, emotions, aesthetic criteria... but not the cell level or our DNA. Such a penetrating influence can only come as a result of fractal structure, which underlies the entire material world, including ourselves; from the structure of a leaf, to mountain ranges, to ocean coasts, to the blood and lymph systems and DNA structure. The fractal structure inside us reacts to and comes into resonance and harmony with the fractal structure outside ourselves. The subconscious recognizes a fractal and those two fractal structures harmonize. The steadier one – i.e. the one that is printed, fixed onto matter - supports the other one which, being alive and organic, is changeable and less stable.

A study done at the University of Oregon demonstrates that the mere looking at a fractal of medium complexity promotes a feeling of peace and well-being. By watching energy shaped fractal, our aura can increase in size and become firmer and more compact up to two times.

Colour and Shape

One of the main healing elements of a fractal is the effect of the colour as a frequency on space and humans.

Healing by means of light and colour was practiced as long ago as by cavemen who took their sick and wounded out to lie in the sunshine in order to recuperate and regain strength. In ancient Rome, special rooms were built for healing purposes, in which the sun’s rays were refracted into seven colours of the sun’s spectrum.

Churches and cathedrals were adorned with stained glass windows for the light to take on a desired colour and create mystical atmosphere. Infrared light has been in medical use since the 19th century and in the 20th century, therapy with filtered light of different wavelengths was introduced.

Research done in the field of quantum medicine has demonstrated that spectrums of visible colours “correspond” to different internal organs, i.e. that they bring them into equilibrium. There are records of how colours influence concentration, performance of various jobs, feelings of physical and mental well-being, and of the effects of certain colours on physical parameters of the human health. So, for instance, violet/purple colour is known to stimulate the pineal gland and to works as a painkiller. Blue has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system and relieves tension. Green works well with emotional disturbances and has a soothing effect....

It has been demonstrated that colours and shapes have the same kind of effect on visually impaired people. This means that man, colour and shape interrelate as a specific set of uniquely interconnected energy fields that are in constant interaction. In other words, a colour not only leaves an impression upon retina, it also interacts with man as an energy whole. Each person is a symphony of colours. Each one of us has a “palette” of colours that we are born with and based on which it can be determined exactly which colours bring us strength and harmony and which take them away.

It has been established that there is a correlation between colour and form. Each colour corresponds to a certain shape or form with which it resonates. Just as the colour has varied shades, hues, brightness, intensity, saturation... so are the geometric shapes infinitely diverse. Their harmony is a precondition for all energies of a fractal to be in harmony.

Energy of Names

Another element that is required for obtaining an accurate and powerful energy fractal is to integrate the person’s name with other data.

Utterance – vibration of our name is the sound, i.e. frequency that characterizes us. With their meaning and the arrangement of sounds, names stimulate subtle brain currents and thereby exert a certain influence over a personality. Some names bring protection or luck, some names attract each other while others clash.

How to Tap into the Powers of Your Fractal?

The success of (self-) healing with energy fractals depends above all on the right mental attitude towards fractal energies which serve as a material support for the strengthening of belief and mind.

Energy fractals first remove any existing blockages to the energy flow of a space, person, family, office… and then they bring their energies into balance. Only when the energy has been harmonized can they start raising slowly and gradually the overall frequency of the body or space… resulting in effects as described for the particular fractal or in effects that are triggered by your intention. Therefore, have patience! Energetic transformations are slow but if you are persistent the result is certain!

Perhaps the most valuable thing about energy fractals is that they direct you and teach you to adopt positive patterns and to live by them. For Energy Mandalas and Fractals to work as expected, it is necessary to establish contact with them.

Sit down opposite the fractal and relax. Start by observing it in a relaxed manner, as you would do with a picture. Think about which details you like most, what they remind you of, what kind of feelings do they arouse within you? Go on exploring the intensity and depth, spectrum of colours, combinations of shapes and the way the main pattern recurs. After a few minutes, find a center that attracts you most and fix your eyes on it. Do not try to evoke sensations or feelings by yourself – just relax and enjoy. It is possible that the fractal might change its colour, size, shape, its effects... it will reveal to you its hidden dimensions and contents. Once you start surrendering to your fractal more easily, you can start using affirmations for achieving specific purposes and states: “I am more than I am”; “I am more than I know”; “I am open to exploration of my hidden abilities”; “I am open to joys of life”.

Enjoy your mandala or fractal and memorize it. While about ten minutes of meditation is enough for the fractal to show its effect, it can sometimes happen that you remain in that contact much, much longer.

Energy fractals and mandalas have a fixed and constant vibration and effect (as long as it is not damaged), however, a very important thing is where and how they are placed in the space.

Ideally, they should be hung on the wall at the level of the user's head and chest (in case they are larger in size, consultation with expert is required). The most important thing is to make sure the fractal's energy and influence are not obstructed by a technical source and for that reason it should not be hung above a PC or a TV... If the fractal is designed for a certain state or a person, it should ideally be put in such a position that it is always in the user's line of sight. If it is meant for a space, it should be put on the wall that dominates that space. You can take a photograph of

your fractal and carry it wherever you go, you can place it on your body, have it under your pillow while you sleep, or put a glass of water on it for some 30 seconds and then drink the water.

It is advisable to memorize your fractal because you can call it to mind by visualization whenever you need its vibration.